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A midwife is a registered health care professional who provides primary care to low-risk women throughout their pregnancy, labour and birth and provides care to both mother and baby during the first six weeks following the birth. Midwives work together in group practices. A woman receives care from a small number of midwives. During regularly scheduled visits to the midwifery practice, midwives provide clinical examinations, counselling and education. Women in midwifery care normally do not see a physician during their pregnancy, labour or the first six weeks after the birth unless complications arise. The College of Midwives of BC has detailed standards of practice and guidelines for physician consultation and transfer of care. Individuals who wish to practice midwifery in BC must be registered with the College.


College of Midwives of BC

For further information:
The Midwives Association of BC
T (604) 736-5976

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