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Clark, Susan, BCST, RCST, JSDP

Spirit Gate: body-mind therapies


T (250) 665-6183

Spirit Gate: body-mind therapies offers biodynamic craniosacral therapy, acupressure (jin shin do), acutonics and flower essence remedies for mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. The therapies and remedies offered are appropriate to emotional unease, to depression, anxiety, insomnia, learning disorders, stress and trauma as well as acute, chronic and stress-related physical ailments of many kinds. You will remain clothed throughout your session. Please wear comfortable clothing, or bring something you can change into for your session. Visit www.spirit-gate.ca for more detailed information.

Discount: 10% discount off first visit for AIMS members

10% discount off first visit for AIMS members

LifeLine Shiatsu

UBC & Point Grey Community

T (604) 250-2125
F (604) 224-9120

Registered Shiatsu Therapist offering Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage. This is a non-invasive physical therapy based on principles of traditional oriental healing and modern anatomy and physiology theory. Literally translated at "finger pressure", shiatsu consists of specific pressure and stretches sensitively applied to the body following points and meridian lines the same asthose used in acupuncture. Shiatsu treatments help relieve stress, pain and improve muscle and joint function. Treatments take place on a futon at floor level or a low table and the client is fully clothed. The therapist uses hands and/or elbows.

Discount: 15% discount on 1 hour sessions or longer

15% discount on 1 hour sessions or longer

Acupressure and Japanese Acupuncture Clinic

Vancouver, BC (Canada)


Discount: 10% discount for AIMS members

T (604) 737-1016

10% discount for AIMS members

Panter, Tobi, AHG, R.Ac

Duncan, BC (Canada)


T (250) 715-4030

Sunny Saltair Acupressure

Ladysmith, BC (Canada)


Discount: 10% discount for AIMS members

T (250) 245-1074

10% discount for AIMS members

Yip, Lyla, MSc, RAc, DTCM

Vancouver, BC (Canada)


T (604) 872-6833